Constitutional Conservatives Fund

The Need to Limit Federal Power

The federal government has become too big, too expensive, and too intrusive as Congress has ignored important constitutional limitations on its own power. The Constitutional Conservatives Fund (“CCF”) is a political action committee dedicated to the cause of finding, funding, and supporting conservative candidates who are committed to the cause of restoring constitutionally limited government.

Rooted in the text of the Constitution and informed by more than two centuries of historical precedent, the concept of constitutionally limited government was succinctly memorialized by James Madison in Federalist 45. The powers of the federal government, Madison explained, are “few and defined,” while those reserved to the states are “numerous and indefinite.” We have drifted far from that understanding in recent decades.

Consequences of a Runaway Federal Government

The consequences of that drift have been disastrous. As a result of the federal government’s unfettered “mission creep,” we have severely eroded the sovereign authority of the states, accumulated a national debt of nearly $15 trillion, adopted a tax system that requires many Americans to work three, four, or even five months out of every year just to pay their taxes, and created a bureaucratic leviathan that regulates nearly every aspect of our existence. All of this has occurred at the expense of American ingenuity, economic prosperity, and individual liberty.

Freedom-loving Americans understand that the time has come to restore constitutionally limited government. CCF wants to help.

Stand with Mike Lee

CCF’s Chairman, U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), was elected in 2010 after defeating a three-term incumbent, much to the surprise and dismay of the political establishment. Senator Lee understands what it takes to fight against the establishment and win. He also understands that the fight continues within the halls of Congress.

Help CCF get this country back on track

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