1. Agree that the Constitution gives the federal government powers that are few and defined,
  2. Reform entitlements to give more flexibility and control to the States,
  3. Uphold government's most basic function- to protect life, liberty and property,
  4. Defund and repeal ObamaCare and its unconstitutional mandate,
  5. Support a balanced budget amendment that forces the federal government to live within its means and, limits spending to historic revenue levels,
  6. Reject all debt limit increases until Congress passes a balanced budget amendment,
  7. Reform the regulatory process to make regulations subject to the legislative process,
  8. Reform the tax code through a flat or fair tax,
  9. Protect second Amendment rights,
  10. Support efforts to enforce and enhance border security, discourage illegal immigration through workplace enforcement, oppose all forms of amnesty and reform legal immigration to make the process more efficient,
  11. Protect the unborn,
  12. Oppose American involvement in nation building and foreign conflicts that have little or no relationship to our national security interests,
  13. Oppose all bailouts of any kind, and
  14. Support aggressive earmark reform to prevent the direction of taxpayer money to parochial interests.


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