Bruce Poliquin for Maine Senate

Anonymous, 4/10/12 8:39 AM

Dear Fellow Conservative,

The best way to put an end to the Obama agenda is to replace him in the White House. But in the event that the President's left-wing supporters and union backers successfully install him for another term, we must have a Senate majority in place to prevent the President from putting the country further into debt and threatening the country's future.

Our goal at the Constitutional Conservatives Fund is to find and support strong conservatives for Senate who will respect and follow the Constitution and help us restore constitutionally limited government. So far, I have publicly supported six solid conservatives for Senate and I am pleased to announce an addition to that list today.

Maine State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin is running to replace Senator Olympia Snowe, who is retiring at the end of this term. Bruce is a true conservative with a strong record of accomplishment as the state's fiscal watchdog. He's responsible for reducing the Maine's pension debt by over 40 percent, and has been exposing wasteful government spending since the first day he took office. For all his good work he received Americans for Prosperity's “Economic Freedom Fighter Award.”

To gain a majority in the the Senate, we must keep Maine's seat in Republican hands. With Bruce, we have a great opportunity to do so and elect a strong conservative who will help me stand up to the status quo and reform Washington.

But we need your support to make that happen. Will you help us win a majority in the Senate to stop the Obama agenda? Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, or $500 will make sure we elect conservatives who will respect constitutionally limited government and hold Washington accountable.

We need to keep Maine in the Republican column. Bruce Poliquin is not only the most conservative candidate running, but his impressive record of accomplishment as State Treasurer means he has the best chance of winning in November. We need to help him.

I am pleased to endorse Bruce Poliquin for Senate and I hope you will help me elect him and our other constitutional conservatives this November.  


Mike Lee
Chairman, Constitutional Conservatives Fund