Mark Neumann for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin

Anonymous, 4/17/12 7:59 AM

The career politicians in Washington have built up so much debt in recent years that it threatens our entire economic system. In 2010, the American people sent dozens of new voices to Washington who vowed to change the status quo, end earmarks, eliminate annual deficits, and start doing something immediately to protect the prosperity of future generations.

Our achievements since then have been modest (and limited by the Democratic control of the Senate and the White House) but significant.  We have banned earmarks and forever changed the discussion from "if" we should cut spending to "how much" we should cut spending.  We have built a strong group of conservatives opposed to raising the debt limit, and entitlement reform is no longer the third rail of American politics but the first order of business.

Most importantly, the push to balance the federal budget in the next ten years has never been stronger.  Seventy-five percent of the American people are behind us and we will not let up in the fight to force Congress to live within its means.

But a lot of work remains to be done, which is why I need your help to elect Mark Neumann from Wisconsin to the U.S. Senate.

Help Mark become Wisconsin's next U.S. Senator NOW!

Mark is a businessman who spent his years in the House of Representatives pushing to cut Washington's wasteful spending and crafting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. Much of his effort laid the groundwork for my own balanced budget amendment and our renewed push to hold Washington accountable.

He's a constitutional conservative who understands the proper role of the federal government and that it has only the "few and defined" powers specifically delegated by the Constitution.  As a senator, he will help us repeal ObamaCare, shrink the size of government, and reduce the burdensome regulations that make it harder for America's small businesses to grow and create jobs.

Mark has record of putting principle above party.  He challenged the system as a freshman House member on the Appropriations Committee and fought against the special interests in Washington.  In the Senate, he will join a growing group of New Reformers who are putting the country's interest first.

The battle for a conservative Senate will determine the future prosperity of the nation. We not only have a great opportunity to gain a Republican majority, but do so with a group of new conservatives who believe in free markets, individual responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free society.

Mark Neumann will help us keep our nation strong, prosperous and free. Please join me in helping him get elected to the U.S. Senate.

Mike Lee